Windhaven Farm
Natural Angus Beef

The beef is processed by USDA inspected facilities.  The handling system ensures minimal stress to animals.  The barns are well maintained with ample water supply.  The animals are not brought to the processor more than 24 hours prior to slaughter.

After the beef is aged 14-21 days, it is cut,  vacuum sealed and frozen to preserve the beef.

Windhaven Farm Natural Angus Beef is available for sale in individual steaks, roasts and hamburger.  The steaks, roasts and hamburger are packaged individually, vacuum sealed and frozen.  For example, the hamburger comes in a 1 lb package.   Below is a list of the different individual cuts of beef.

Brisket                                Eye round roast
Chuckeye Steak                Beef BBQ Ribs
T-Bone steak                     Bottom round roast
Porterhouse steak             Sirloin Tip roast
Sirloin steaks                     Chuck roast
Filet                                    Boneless chuck roast
NY Strip steak                   London Broil
Flank steak                        Ground beef
Ribeye steak                      Ground round beef
Flat Iron steak                  Stew beef
Skirt steak                         Short ribs
Ox Tail                               Heart
Liver                                   Tongue
Soup bones                        Hanging tender
Ranch steak                      Tri-Tip Roast


A quarter, half or whole cow may also be purchased.  Below is an example of what you would get if you purchased a quarter of a grass fed cow.  The cuts and number depend on the weight of the whole carcass and what types of cuts are selected.  The amounts below will vary and are only approximates. 

Hamburger                     45-65 - 1 lb. packages
Flank Steak                     1 package
Short Ribs                       2 to 3 packages
Stew Meat                       3 packages

Soup Bones                     2 to 3 packages
Brisket                             1 package
Chuck Roast                   2 to 3 packages
Ribeye                              5 to 8 packages
Chuckeye Steaks            2 to 3 packages

Filet Steaks                     4 to 6 packages
Sirloin Strip Steaks       2 to 3 packages
New York Strip Steak   4 to 5 packages
Eye Round Roast          1 package
London Broil                 2 packages
Bottom Round Roast    2 packages
Sirloin Tip Roast           1 package
Sirloin Tip Steak            1 package 

You will need freezer space to store a quarter, half or whole.  Many customers will purchase and divide a half with family and friends if they do not have access to a full size freezer.



We offer ALL Grass Fed cows which can be purchased as a 1/4, 1/2 , and whole cows.  Depending on availability, the wait time could be 4 weeks to 3 months.  Call or email for details.

The beef is available for sale at our farm every Saturday from 9:00 - 1:00 or by special appointment.  Call or email for pricing and availability of specific cuts.